Terms and Guidelines (en)

The V PHOTOGRAPHY SANTANDER CREATIVA AWARD is funded by Fundación Santander Creativa and organised by FOCONORTE.

The objective of this Prize Competition is to value the skills of the artists, while capturing with exactness the best balance between creativity and technique.


Every professional and amateur photographer can apply, individually or in group.

You must meet the following requisites:

•  The theme of the photographs is not fixed but free, you will only have to follow the technical specifications described below.

•  The deadline date for sending your work is 31st May 2011.

•  The material must be sent either by email or through postal mail, if the latter, in a CD, on a case where it will be displayed the following information: title and date of your work, name and surname of the author, complete address, email address and contact phone number.

The CD will contain a folder with the photographs: from 15 to 30 JPEG photographs, 72pp resolution and measuring 25cms high, variable length. It’s important to realize that we are not selecting just one photograph, but a whole lot.

The CD will also include a word or pdf file with the personal details of the author (name and contact details), a resumed CV and a brief text explaining the aims of the work.

You can also send all the material (both photos and text) in an email to foconorte@foconorte.org -following the same guidelines as outlined above.

•  The Jury choosing the winner will be composed by important specialists from the photograph, arts and communication industry, and their decision will be final. The selection process will be divided in two: Firstly, the jury will choose an initial selection of photographs that will be projected in an event that will take place one month after the deadline. Secondly, the winner from the previous selection will be announced, and possibly two special mentions as well (special mentions have no economic allocation).

•  The prize will be 1,800 Euros. This sum will be mainly aimed to the production of an exhibition to be held on 2011 winter-autumn term. Therefore, the winner must cover all production costs and agrees to carry on the exhibition and to give the rights of one of the photographs to Santander Council.

•  Authors are responsible to obtain the consent of all people portrayed on their work.

• Foconorte has the right to use all photographs selected for own purposes, such us publicity and promotion of the award. For the same purpose, the winner and special mention winners will be asked to provide one or more images on 300pp resolution.

• Foconorte is not responsible for any damage of the material sent; therefore you must be careful and send us a copy (never send the original) of your work. CDs won’t be returned.

• Foconorte reserves the right to modify the terms or cancel the award at any time, as a consequence of a major problem or technical difficulties that may difficult the process of it. Keep updated and check the past award winners: www.foconorte.org

• Taking part on this award means accepting the terms of it.


Quantity:   between 15 – 30 photographs (the files must be open to edit).

Format:   JPEG

Resolution:   72 pp minimum

Weight:   5 MB maximum

Size:       25 cms. high, variable length.



C/ Miguel de Unamuno, 22-10º A

39012 Santander





From now on, keep updated, or if you would like to make any enquiry or you can just check out our blog.

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